Leibniz to those who have made it to find this place. There is mainly serious material on this site about science. There is a lot of information on internet about science. You can find books, lecture notes, and last but not least there is the wikipedia encyclopedia. All of this information can be useful to study. The way science is presented in these sources differs a lot. As not one source could meet my preferences, I decided to take a personal approach. The approach is characterized by giving a systematic account of the main concepts and results in a given domain. I try to avoid presenting too much details or disturbing the story by exercises and examples. I also try to put more structure than a topic oriented encyclopedia. The notes will be presented precise and concise. Main theorems are proved and sometimes an example is given. These notes would be most useful for those who had already some exposure to the theory, but need a quick review in a less cumbersome environment than a school book.
Newton My first aim is to publish common mathematical knowledge at the university undergraduate level. This knowledge mainly developed in the 18th century by giants like Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz is timeless and will be studied by generations of future students. Studying science starts with two major building blocks, calculus and linear algebra. Calculus can be divided into single and multi variable calculus. In the first phase of developing this site I will focus on these domains.
For the writing of this material I use Latex in combination with MathJax . I investigated different methods to prepare these notes. But my conclusion is that the only thing needed is a free text editor. I choose for Notepad++. To save the planet please never print the information on this site.

As this site will only be updated slowly over time and is yet infancy, I refer you to the great site of Salam Kahn: Kahn Academy for all the things you misses here.

Jacq Krol

July 2011